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I left the Netherlands to move back home to the States and start a family in the fall of 2001. Shortly after my return, I began to long (and I mean l-o-n-g) for the beautiful, unique gardens (and the cheese, and the open air markets, and the coffee, and...sorry) I had grown accustomed to while living there.

The majority of Dutch gardens are small, friendly and functional. Somehow they manage to take a small area (the Dutch don't typically have large yards like Americans do), add a few unique garden accessories, and create the most amazingly warm, useful and even inspiring atmospheres.

So I've created this website and added the many carefully selected products you'll find in it as my great attempt at bringing a "touch of the Dutch" back to America with me. I hope you'll find my products as unique, functional and fitting for your own home and garden as I've found them for mine.

Best Wishes,


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